graeme low 82Graeme Bradshaw, B. Sc., N.D., Dip Hom., is the Founding Director of the Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI) and Integrated Nutraceuticals Limited (INL). Graeme is a well-known and highly-respected Australian Naturopath and Homeopath who has been practicing in Hong Kong since 1990.

Years of clinical practice experience has led him to value both science based natural medicines as well as the art of good nutrition. The product range on our website gives you the results of 20 years of passionate searching for clinically effective products that meet these principles of healthy science and nutrition.

Integrated Nutraceuticals Limited distributes clinical-grade nutraceutical and health products only to healthcare practitioners for their patients.

"Nutraceuticals" is a name for nutritional supplements with therapeutic properties.

INL is the sole distributor of products from Innate Response, Vital Nutrients, BioCeuticals, and Omega Nutrition. The first two brands are available exclusively to health care practitioners. BioCeuticals is made in Australia in TGA approved facilities, and is also a practitioner-only range. These brands are not available in retail stores. We believe these are among the most clinically-effective products available.


We are also the exclusive distributors for Omega Nutrition, a quality manufacturer of Vegetable sourced Omega oils. This is a retail brand of mainly Flax and Coconut oils, although it not widely available to your clients in the Hong Kong marketplace.

Finally we can supply the New Chapter range at wholesale prices. This is a retail brand for the practitioner looking for some other certified-organic specialty products.

However, our main product ranges - Innate Response, Vital Nutrients and BioCeuticals - are for the discriminating practitioner seeking legally approved, clinical grade nutraceuticals.

Our mission is to bring effective, clinical-grade nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements to healthcare practitioners in Hong Kong."


All of our products comply with the labeling laws and regulations of Hong Kong.

Where required by law, products will have a "SVE Number" issued by the Food and Environment Hygiene Department and a label listing all the ingredients and any allergenic foods. The product descriptions offered on this website include the SVE Number and ingredient information. These legally compliant labels will appear on your ordered products and they can therefore be proudly displayed in your clinic.

The Hong Kong laws prohibit producers of herbal therapies or nutritional supplements from making health claims or recommendations to treat illnesses. On this site, we offer our colleagues educational materials extensively referenced with many the studies. You may verify these references for yourself, with some information simply being diet and wellness resource pages for "handouts" to your clients.

We are also very willing to provide more educational materials to help you assist your patients back to a state of optimal wellbeing. Our website is built mainly with this in mind.

"Our Vision Is To Co-Create Wellness With You."

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