About BioCeuticals



bioceuticals productsOur BioCeuticals range includes several excellent probiotics including a Baby safe powder, and several choices from 10-45 billion in VegeCaps. Note that at INL we air-freight all our probiotics into Hong Kong and store them under refrigeration.


The two IsoWhey® Professional products have been formulated by Dr Robert Buist. They are high quality whey protein formulas, with added supportive nutrients. A cold, micro and ultra filtration process maintains the immunoglobulin content of the whey. Fortified with L-carnitine and high potency minerals including chromium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, it is an excellent, safe, low GI protein meal replacement beverage.


Another in the range is Glucomannan fiber. Called Satisfiber is useful for slowing gastric release, reducing intestinal motility in IBS, as well as reducing the GI of meals. Paracea has herbs reputed to benefit intestinal health and manage some parasites.


BioCeuticals is a provider of quality, nutraceuticals, manufactured in an Australian Government approved facility, and supplied only to health practitioners.



BioCeuticals Product List

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