BioCeuticals Iodine Drops (Vanilla Flavour) (50ml)

BioCeuticals Iodine Drops (Vanilla Flavour) (50ml) - supplement facts.JPG
BioCeuticals Iodine Drops (Vanilla Flavour) (50ml) - supplement facts.JPG

BioCeuticals Iodine Drops (Vanilla Flavour) (50ml)


Iodine Drops is a vanilla-flavoured, oral liquid supplement providing 288mcg of iodine in the daily dose (3 drops).An adequate iodine status may be required for a normal healthy pregnancy and for healthy maturation of baby's brain, eyesight and hearing.

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Iodine is used in the body for synthesis of thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) which influence:[1]

  • protein synthesis and growth
  • enzymatic processes
  • metabolism
  • thermogensis
  • ovulation and fertility
  • myelination of the developing central nervous system.

The iodine content of most foods is low and is affected by agricultural factors such as soil quality and climate. Most iodine is found in the oceans. Coastal soils have higher soil concentrations than inland soils. Marine animals concentrate iodine from seawater and have a higher content than most other foods. Seaweed, which is commonly consumed in Asian cultures, also contains a high concentration of iodine. Processed foods may add to dietary iodine due to the addition of iodate to salt.

  • No studies have been performed on Iodine Drops in pregnancy or lactation; however, the literature contains no reports of demonstrated toxicity with the active ingredient.
  • Monitoring of patients taking iodine supplementation with thyroid medication including thyroxine is recommended.
  • Concomitant use of iodine with medications used to treat hyperthyroidism may increase the risk of hypothyroidism.[1,2]
  • Use of iodine supplementation with amiodarone, containing 37.3% iodine, requires careful monitoring of thyroid function.[1,2]
  • Monitor the use of potassium iodide when used in conjunction with ACE inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers as it may increase the risk of hyperkalaemia.[2]

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