BioCeuticals SB Floractiv® (30 capsules)

BioCeuticals SB Floractiv® (30 capsules) - supplement facts.JPG
BioCeuticals SB Floractiv® (30 capsules) - supplement facts.JPG

BioCeuticals SB Floractiv® (30 capsules)

  • Heat stable (does not require refrigeration); ideal for travelling.

  • Excipient, lactose and dairy free formula.

  • Vegan friendly.

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Clinical applications of SB

  • Assists in the management of mild digestive disturbances including bloating, flatulence and digestive discomfort.[3]
  • May be used to support the relief of symptoms of antibiotic-associated or traveller's diarrhoea.[4]
  • Helps maintain healthy gastrointestinal immunity.[5,6]
  • May help decrease gastrointestinal permeability and increase the absorption of nutrients.[7]
  • Research indicates that SB may competitively inhibit the binding of Candida albicans to the gastrointestinal mucosa.[6,8]
  • May reduce inflammatory mediators in the digestive system.[9]
  • Increases the activity of the disaccharidase brush border enzymes sucrase, lactase and maltase.[10]
  • May help relieve the symptoms associated with medically diagnosed IBS.[3,11]
  • The active ingredient contained in this product has not been shown to be contraindicated during pregnancy or lactation.
  • S. boulardii has been clinically trialled in infants and children without any serious side effects reported.[1]
  • Although S. boulardii is a non-pathogenic organism, there is some concern that immunocompromised or critically ill patients taking S. boulardii may have an increased risk for fungaemia.[2]
  • Patients with long-term dysbiosis may need to start at a lower dose.
  • Patients with true (IgE-mediated) yeast allergy may be allergic to products containing S. boulardii.[2]
  • Since S. boulardii is a yeast, anti-fungal medications/herbal supplements may decrease its effectiveness.[2] Take 2 hours before or 4-6 hours after anti-fungals.

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