BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze® Night (225g)

BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze® Night (225g) - supplement facts.JPG
BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze® Night (225g) - supplement facts.JPG

BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze® Night (225g)


A sleep-friendly Ultra Muscleze® that can be taken before bed to help promote relaxation when mentally stressed and help soothe sleeplessness.

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Getting a good or even a full night’s sleep is something that many patients struggle to achieve. Factors that can influence sleep include:

  • stress
  • poor diet choices
  • tense muscles
  • leg cramps
  • an overactive mind
  • shift work
  • increased stimulant intake.

Lactium® helps to relieve the symptoms of stress and promotes relaxation in times of mental stress.[5,6]

Sour/tart cherry
The natural juice of sour cherries contains antioxidants including melatonin, which regulates circadian rhythms and influences sleep patterns. They also contain anti-inflammatory compounds, which may influence pro-inflammatory cytokines that are known to be involved in the regulation of sleep[7-9]

Magnesium's widespread influence within the body

  • The active ingredients contained in the product have not been shown to be contraindicated during pregnancy or lactation.
  • Magnesium taken in high doses may cause loose stools. 
  • Contraindicated in patients with dairy allergy. 
  • Magnesium is contraindicated in patients with renal failure or heart block (unless a pacemaker is present).[1]
  • Individuals with myasthenia gravis should avoid the use of magnesium supplements.[2,3]
  • Concurrent use of magnesium with fluoroquinolone antibiotics may reduce the absorption of the medication, while tetracycline antibiotics may form insoluble complexes with magnesium when taken together. Take medications either two hours before or four hours after oral magnesium intake.[1,4]  
  • Concomitant use of magnesium with calcium channel blockers or anti-arrhythmic medications may potentiate hypotensive or anti-arrhythmic activity. Monitor patient.[1,4]

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Recommended Dosage:

Adults: Mix one 7.5g dose (1 level scoop) into 100mL of water or juice. Consume once or twice daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
For best results, consume your last daily dose before bed.