BioCeuticals UltraBiotic 45

BioCeuticals UltraBiotic 45 (60 capsules) - supplement facts.JPG
BioCeuticals UltraBiotic 45 (60 capsules) - supplement facts.JPG

BioCeuticals UltraBiotic 45


A Unique Blend of Nine Probiotic Strains Delivering 45 Billion Beneficial Organisms to Provide Nutritional Support for the Maintenance of Healthy Intestinal and Urogenital Flora


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Key Benefits:  L. fermentum  andL. rhamnosus are associated with the protective  maintenance of healthy urogenital and gut flora.

With 25 billion L. rhamnosisand L. casei cells, this product has truly excellent general immune support properties.L. casei has been found to diminish IgEmediated, acute-type atopic conditions when taken as a longer course, along with avoidance of the allergenic foods (Kalliomäki et al., 2001), while L. plantarumachieves this in studies of mice (Park et al., 2008).

Breastfeeding mothers may provide similar allergy-reducing assistance to their infants when taking potent probiotic products, according to research onL. casei reported in  The Lancet.“The frequency of atopic  eczema in the probiotic group was half that of the placebo group (15/64 [23%] vs 31/68 [46%]; relative risk 0.51 [95% CI 0.32-0.84]). The number needed to treat was 4.5 (billion) (95% CI 2.6-15.6)” (Kalliomäki et al., 2001)

Thus, gut flora seem to be a source of natural immuno-modulators, and their  removal by antibiotics may account for much of the epidemic of allergy and asthma (Alm et al., 1999; Farooqi & Hopkin 1998).

Recommended Dosage:

Take 1 to 2 capsules daily or as directed by the healthcare practitioner.


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