How to Improve Immunity and Reduce Auto-Immune Illnesses

Improving "TH 1 Immunity" 


  1. Reducing chronic infections, viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal
  2. Significant anti-inflammatory benefits; reducing auto-immune issues by down regulating the “Th 2” arm of the immune system 

First correct common nutritional deficiencies:

  • Omega 3 oils – best with Vitamin A; ie Krill Oil – 2 capsules daily.
  • With extra Vitamin E and selenium, as E and Selenium Food Complex by New Chapter. These correct Th 2 over-activity (eg reduce Interleukin 6 increase Interleukin 2 and thence reduces inflammation)  
  • Virgin Olive Oil, around 1 table spoons daily. 
  • Also take Balanced Omega 3,6,9 –1 tablespoon daily – for omega 3 from flax oil as well as olive oil – these provide all the essential fatty acids ie essential fats. 

At the same time use herbs & foods to correct immunity & Inflammation:

  • IMMUZAC a combination of LING ZHI (Ganoderma lucidum) & YUN ZHI (Coriolus versicolor), both mushrooms – the best studied immune herbs for increasing IL-2, activating Th 1 macrophages and NK cells. YUN ZHI improves cellular glutathione levels that protects all cells from many toxins, including from radiation. LING ZHI increases another detoxing antioxidant enzyme, Super Oxide Dismutase. This effect reduces chronic inflammation enzymes (TH 2) both herbs have proven themselves in long term cancer therapy as well. 
  • Moducare – plant sterols and sterolins. Increases Th-1 and CD-3 & CD-4 cells - and increases IL-2 and IFN-gamma. As well the NK cells are increased. As well Moducare reduces the markers of the Th-2 system; ie reduces TNF alpha are reduced as is IL-6. IL-6 is very pro inflammatory and is associated with high C-reactrive protein (the inflammation marker), and autoimmune diseases, certain cancers and heart disease. Moducare also provides an adaptogenic effect that also improves the DHEA:cortisol stress hormone ratio (by increasing DHEA) – this means that stressfull events are handled better. Very good in auto-immune illness and certain cancer treatments, as well as chronic infections like TB. 
  • Honey (raw unpasteurised) is really excellent at reducing inflammation. Normally taken in warm water each morning with some fresh slices of ginger. Replace sugar (pro-inflammation) with honey (anti-inflammation). 

Next treat remaining chronic infections once the immunity is going well: 

  • Eliminate the yeast infection Candida albicans, reduce viral load (EBV, HHV-6, CMV are the ones to check for antibodies), check for & eliminate any mycoplasma infection.
  • Lactobacillus casii (Culturelle) and/or L plantarium both improve the Th-1 immunity. Needed if food allergies, intestinal infections (Candida) or frequent antibiotic courses have been used. Cleansing the colon at this stage is very helpful. 
  • Reduce sugar consumption – sugar suppresses the Th-1 immunity, feeds intestinal infections and increases inflammation. Raw honey does not. 

Next if required -detoxify heavy metals and pesticides:

  • Remove heavy metals (check hair or urine for heavy metals). Remove mercury fillings.
  • Ensure Glutathione levels are adequate – it’s a detoxification enzyme and can be increased by alpha lipoic acid, whey powder, vitamin C (over 1,000mg of True Food form), and vitamin E with selenium. 
  • Avoid cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. Alcohol over 1 glass increases inflammation. Keep eliminating toxins like heavy metals and pesticides as well by careful natural foods selection. 
  • Detoxify chemical load, pesticides etc. Cholinesterase blood testing can identify this problem of pesticide exposures.

 General things proven to balance the immunity by increasing Th-1 activity:

  • Avoid heat processed vegetable oils ie regular supermarket oils excepting virgin olive oil. These hydrogenated vegetable oils are used in the fast food industry to cook French fries, burgers etc.
  • Make the saliva more alkaline, 5 vegetables and/or vegetable juices. 
  • Correct exhaustion, balance stress levels, pay back the sleep debt with early bedtimes. The adrenal glands may need supportive nutrients. 
  • Regularly eat brown rice (ie most nights with dinner) for the fiber content containing IP-6, the brown rice has the plant sterols naturally. 
  • Exercising regularly, but moderately – 3 hours per week.