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Vital Nutrients Vitex 750 (120 capsules)

Vital Nutrients Vitex 750 (120 capsules) - supplement facts.JPG
Vital Nutrients Vitex 750 (120 capsules) - supplement facts.JPG

Vital Nutrients Vitex 750 (120 capsules)


Female Hormonal Support

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Vitex 750 contains a high dose of Vitex extract, fortified with it's essential oil. Vitex helps support breast comfort and a normal healthy attitude and mood during the menstrual cycle (Schellenberg, 2001). Vitex also helps maintain healthy prolactin and hormonal balance under stress (Wuttke, et al., 2003), and helps maintain normal ovarian function and progesterone levels (Milewicz, 1993). Hyper-prolactinaemia is associated with PMS, corpus luteum insufficiency, menstrual irregularities, and related infertility.


Vitex has been shown to normalize low progesterone compared to placebo (Milewicz, 1993). This benefits many PMS symptoms, as reported in a 2001 British Medical Journal study. Following three months on Vitex, over half the women had a 50% or greater improvement in their symptoms, including mood changes, breast tenderness, acne, and bloating (Schellenberg, 2001). Patient acceptance was high and side effects were few and mild. Based on current scientific evidence, the German Commission E supports its use for menstrual irregularities, painful swollen breasts, and PMS (Blumenthal, 2000).


Recommended Dosage:

1 capsule daily for 3 - 6 months. Many women find that symptoms may return some months after stopping the supplement - it is safe for long term use. Discontinue during the period and pregnancy.

Not advised if pregnant.


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